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Size Guide

Bandanas - our current bandanas slide onto your dog's collar. The length of the bandanas should be roughly 2/3 of your dog's neck. 

Bandana dimensions are: 

Extra Small (length approx. 15cm, collar opening 3cm) 

Small (length approx. 21cm, collar opening 3cm)

Medium (length approx. 26cm, collar opening 4cm)

Large (length approx. 30cm, collar opening 4.5cm)

Jumpers - measure your dog from the nape to the base of the tail (length). For better fit feel free to add a note at the check out with your dogs measurement and breed (back length, chest and neck.)


Every dog is different so if your dog doesn't fit our measurement chart feel free to reach out to us directly and we can ensure that our garments are made to fit your dog.

Please note due to hand knitted nature of the jumpers, items may slightly vary in size / fit. 

Chihuahua, Teacup Yorkie 


Toy Poodle, Terrier, Pug, Maltese 

Cockapoo, Standard Dachaund


Labrador, Collie

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